What We Do

KidO makes lunchboxes daily with fresh natural ingredients and delivers them to your child’s school, camp or daycare!. We take the guilt out of convenient nutrition!

How KidO works

  • KidO gets permission to deliver to your school
  • You & you’re Kiddo order delicious lunches on-line (coming soon! - fax for now)
  • KidO staff makes fresh lunches daily
  • Lunch boxes are delivered to school daily in the morning
  • Yum! Yum! Yum! You’re Kiddo is energized for more learning & play!

How to play in our sandbox

Contact us to make deliveries to your school, daycare or camp.  KidO makes free deliveries to venues where 10 or more lunchboxes on average are ordered per day.  We deliver them fresh daily.  So talk to some friends, contact us and we'll work with the administration at the venue to start deliveries.

Get KidO to your school

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll share more about our vision of delivering convenient, healthy food to the regions children in more detail.  Just let us know you and a few of your friends are interested in having KidO as an option in your school or daycare and we’ll do the rest to get the process started! 

Where we serve

Today we serve the the Phildadelphia, southern NJ and Wilmington, DE markets.

KidO’s commercial kitchen is operated out of Swarthmore, PA


KidO products are everything processed and fast food is not!

What's Kido?

"Everything we consume becomes part of us. Our food provides us with nourishment. It sustains us. It may also be our ultimate undoing. We literally are what we eat -- good and bad. Changing the way we feed our children is not a luxury: It's an imperative."

Ann Cooper

Author & Chef

"Buy local, eat local... because local foods taste better."

"-- Lets not forget that it is at the dinner table that we socialize and civilize our children, teaching them manners and the art of conversation. Shared meals are about much more then fueling bodies; they are uniquely human institutions where our species developed language and this thing call culture"

Ann Cooper

Author & Chef